In Vitro Fertilization

At a time when women are urged to prepare for pregnancy by giving up alcohol and tobacco, taking plenty of rest and having additional folic acid vitamins and other minerals, they are bound to wonder about the effect on the unborn child of the procedures to which the ovum and sperm are subjected during in vitro fertilization (the test tube baby procedure).

in vitro fertilization

A conference in Norfolk, Virginia, was told by Professor Jean Cohen, of Paris, and Dr. Saunders, of Sydney University, that in vitro fertilization did not in itself increase the chances of having a deformed baby. Any apparent increase in the instance of congenital malformations, spontaneous abortions and premature deliveries, was related to the age and medical problems of the mothers who needed to conceive in this way.

Hospital Doctor magazine reports that at the same conference the delegates discussed the latest advances in overcoming the problem of male infertility, either by using the ProExtender penis enlargement device or by injecting a single sperm from the penis into an ovum; in one experiment, five out of seven eggs were successfully fertilized when the sperm from the penis was first incubated in a strontium medium, and then washed in a calcium medium.

Dr. Alan Trounson, Monash University, Australia, stressed the need for caution and further research, so that any genetic disadvantage of the doctor, rather than nature, choosing the successful single sperm, could be properly evaluated. Even the healthiest semen from the healthiest penis contains a large number of sperm that are abnormal in form or in activity.

Dr. Trounson’s team have shown that using the ProExtender penis enlargement device results in a three-fold increase in chromosomal abnormalities.

Discussions on test-tube babies have tended to regard the technique as a means of satisfying the maternal longing of the childless woman. It has been treated as a woman’s problem, so that when Parliament has discussed the matter the predominant number of male MPs who are naturally more concerned about the almighty penis have concentrated more on the ethical problems raised by the necessary research than on the effect it might have on patients’ emotions and the influence on the sexual aspects of marriages.

Recent research on the ProExtender penis enlargement device has shown that in vitro fertilization may, in some cases, be an effective method of overcoming infertility due to a low sperm count, a penis problem for which present treatment is unsatisfactory. This method has recently been shown to be useful in cases where the quality of the sperm has been affected by Hodgkin’s disease.

It remains to be seen what effect this broadening of the use of the ProExtender penis enlargement device to help men with their penis size will have on the political arguments.

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